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SCCC Pictures

These are some pictures of SCCC members over the years. Click on the thumbnails to view the full size pictures.

This a QSL from the SCCC DXpedition to XE2SI in the 1986 CQWW CW contest. the club made several trips there in the 1980's and operated field day style. I went in 1983 but apparently I didn't take my camera!

This picture is courtesy of Paul, N6LL. It was shot in October, 1984 on one of the SCCC field day style operations in Mexico operating multi-multi as XE2SI in CQWW SSB. At the top of the photo is AA6RX (now N6AN) and NI6W (now K7NV). Left to right below them are K6NA (red hat), N6NI (glasses), N6VI (blue visor), N6ND (SK) and WA6OTU (now N5OT). Apparently, mustaches were prevalent at the time!

Here is NE6I and KA6SHB (now KE5RT) operating as W6SX (photo by W6SX) at a MARS station at Edwards AFB in the 1982 Field Day. We used their log periodic and sturba curtain for antennas. Fun! Note the mustaches!

This one is NE6I operating as W6SX during the 1982 Field Day at Edwards AFB. Note the collection of Collins rigs to my right.

N6NB has some classic pictures of past SCCC operations on his web site, (Links provided with Wayne's permission.) The first thumbnail takes you to his SCCC Field Day page, relating the efforts in 1978-1980. The second takes you to his page about the 1983 SCCC XE2SI Mexico CQWW SSB effort. A month later, yours truly would get to experience this first hand for CQWW CW. However, I don't think any of us took any pictures!

About Me

NE6I was first licensed in January, 1972 and is active today on the HF bands, chasing DX and working a few contests. 339 countries confirmed on DXCC and on the Honor Roll.

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